Q: Is there an iPhone app for Teta?

A: No, not yet. The reason for this is that Android devices are more popular in South Africa than Apple devices and iPhone owners are less likely to fall into the category of people running out of airtime. The app development priority has therefore been focused on Android.

Q: What about Blackberry?

A: Any Blackberry device running an Android OS like Blackberry Priv will support Teta. We however do not advise attempting to install Teta on Blackberry 10 devices.

Q: I don’t have airtime and data, can I still download Teta from the Google Play Store?

A: No, not unless you are connected to Wi-Fi. Downloading and updating Teta will incur data charges.

Q: Why on Earth does Teta need so many permissions to work? I just want to chat to my pals, not be subjected to a full body search!

A: Teta is full of background functions and features, many of which are responsible for positively linking your SIM card to your account and protecting access to your Teta account through proactive security measures. Understandably the requested permissions are rather numerous but all are absolutely vital and have been carefully considered for your benefit.

Q: I used my Wi-Fi to download Teta and it installed without a problem but now I cannot register, I am stuck on Step 1 and it keeps saying “Mobile Number Verification Failed”, what do I need to do?

A: In order to verify your mobile number, you will need to have enough airtime for at least 1 ordinary rated SMS. Free SMS bundles will work as well, either way, please recharge your account to proceed.

Q: I tried to Sign Up for Teta but the app keeps rejecting my cellphone number, why?

A: This will be because you are not using the International Dialing format of your number. For example, South Africans must start with +27 instead of the leading 0, for example +27822222222 for your mobile number instead of 0822222222 to be accepted.

Q: Oh okay, well now I have used the correct dialing format but when I try to Sign Up, the app says “Authentication Error”. What has gone wrong?

A: This is because you will have clicked “Sign In” instead of “Sign Up”. Please go into your phone settings and into Application Manager, select Teta, force STOP, clear cache and the restart Teta and Sign UP as per normal.

Q: So I want to try Teta but it seems I cannot verify my mobile number, there is a circle that just keeps spinning on Step 1 and it has been going on for so long – how long must I wait? What is happening here?

A: There are a few possible reasons why this is happening, the most likely being that you are attempting to register the mobile number for a SIM card that actually is NOT in your phone where you have installed Teta – that WILL NOT work! The other possibility which is considerably less likely to be the cause, is that your mobile network operator’s SMS system is congested and your SMS delivery has been delayed. In this case, that is NOT a problem with the Teta app but with your mobile network operator. Please close Teta, re-open it and try register again and this time be very sure to type in YOUR mobile number correctly.

Q: There are so many questions to answer, why do you want to know all this information about me? It’s too invasive… the only thing you haven’t asked for is my finger print!

A: Any system that needs to generate revenue through advertising, such as our own, needs to be able to ensure that value for money in terms of audience reached is largely achieved and that the audience is not exposed to irrelevant or, in certain situations, offensive commercial content. We believe in upfront transparency and are completely honest with YOU from the very start of our relationship concerning what the system needs to know about you as this will help it deliver content and services that are right up your alley! We have no way of snooping in on your conversations or spying on the things you do with your phone as that is actually illegal according to South African law. You always know what the Teta system knows about you and you can update that information at your leisure. This is how the law of South Africa protects YOU and we endeavor to comply fully with all aspects of it. As for requesting your finger print… well :)

Q: Okay fine, but then how do I know my information is safe? Who else can see my personal information?

A: Only our server systems have access to your information and purely for computational targeting purposes. All communication with the system from your phone is encrypted so no one can snoop in and collect your data. Our database servers are also seriously locked down.

Q: Are my conversations private? You say the law protects me so have you actually made sure I am protected?

A: All your private conversations on Teta are thoroughly encrypted twice over – end to end! So we have not only made sure – but DOUBLE sure! The app itself goes to great lengths to ensure that only your mobile SIM card has access to your Teta account so that no one can impersonate you or hack your account. Just make sure to keep your phone safe or at the very least password/PIN protected.

Q: So what happens if I leave the country for holiday? Can I still access my Teta account if I am roaming?

A: Yes you can, as long as your SIM card for your account is still in your device you can still log on under your normal account. Roaming charges will however apply so we strongly encourage you to log onto Wi-Fi hotspots when out of the country!

Q: I don’t like ads at all and they always use up all my data and airtime. I thought you said this was supposed to be free but now I will be getting charged to see ads I don’t even want to see. What’s up with that?

A: Teta ads are delivered to your phone at absolutely ZERO cost to you if you are on the Vodacom SA mobile network. This includes access to the advertiser’s microsite.

Q: I am not with Vodacom SA so will I have to see ads? Can’t I have a version of the app where there are no ads?

A: There is only one version of the Teta app, but if you are not a Vodacom SA subscriber you will not see any commercial ads. However, you may from time to time see job vacancies that match your CV and profile in Teta. As Teta becomes free on other mobile networks, we will begin showing ads to our subscribers on the respective mobile networks. Subscribers who are not in SA will not see any ads at all until further notice.

Q: But I am seeing ads that I am not interested in, what sort of targeting is this?

A: When that happens, it will invariably be the result of your submission of somewhat inaccurate profile data. Kindly update your profile with a more trusting approach and you will find that the ads immediately become relevant.

Q: I have turned off my mobile data and Teta has gone offline – I thought it doesn’t use any data so what has happened?

A: Teta does not use YOUR data or YOUR airtime but actually does still use data that you do not have to pay for. As such, you will have to keep your mobile data connection on at the very least to stay online.

Q: My phone has been stolen, can the thief access my Teta account now?

A: If you did not have a PIN code to protect your SIM card, then unfortunately that possibility exists. Please ensure your SIM card has a PIN code to protect your privacy.

Q: So what type of documents can I send to my friends?

A: Well that’s actually quite a long list of file types. Generally speaking though you can send most common file types like pictures, small video clips, PDF, Word, Presentation documents etc.

Q: How big can these files be and can I send as many as I like?

A: The maximum file size you can send currently is 2MB and you have a monthly allowance of a total of 150MB worth of file sharing you can do. Obviously this means that the very minimum number of files you can send to your buddies per month is 75 if each file is exactly 2MB in size before you reach your ‘cap’, more if the individual file sizes are smaller.

Q: Do you monitor what files we are sharing with one another?

A: Legally we are not authorized to and even if by some highly unlikely court sanctioned chance we were, the system has already been built to prevent us from being able to view your files anyway – so no.

Q: I have friends on MTN and in other parts of the world, can they register on Teta and when will they be able to chat on Teta for free like me?

A: Anyone anywhere in the world can Sign Up for and chat on Teta – we actually are seeing feedback ratings from other African countries on the Play Store! As far as Teta being free on MTN and in other countries is concerned…. soon – stay tuned!